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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Seven Steps to Smooth from Kenra Professional

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Seven Steps to Smooth from Kenra Professional

Do your clients crave sleek, smooth hair? Good news—they are just a few steps away from achieving manageable, soft, luxurious locks! Use Kenra Professional’s Seven Steps to Smooth every time to ensure your client’s get the best results possible.

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    Double drape the client for their smoothing process. Cleanse hair twice with Kenra Smooth Deep Cleansing Shampoo to remove all impurities from the hair. Dry hair completely without using any product.

    *Tip: It is important to complete the cleaning step even if your client has arrived with clean hair. Always use Kenra Smooth Deep Cleansing Shampoo to remove all impurities or build-up, including any shampoo and conditioner that the client has on their hair at the time of service.

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    Divide hair into six sections for even application of foam.

    Wearing protective gloves, place Kenra Foaming Fluid into the foamer applicator and close tightly. Use chart for the proper amount of product.

    Beginning with the curliest section, apply the Kenra Foaming Fluid in a light strip at the root in ¼-inch subsections. Spread the foam down through the ends.

    Comb through with a fine-tooth comb for even saturation. If the comb pulls out excess foam, too much product has been used. If this happens, simply combine the next subsection of hair to the over saturated hair until the comb pulls through clean without excess foam. Repeat this application to complete all sections. A light, even application is the key to an effective Kenra smoothing service. Process the Foaming Fluid on hair for 20 minutes at room temperature with no heat. The fluid will be activated by the ironing process, so continuous combing during processing is not necessary. DO NOT RINSE!

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    Pump the appropriate amount of calming creme into hands and emulsify. See chart for the amount of product to use. Apply evenly throughout the entire head and comb through the hair.

    Pumps of Calming Creme
    Short: 2 to 3
    Medium: 3 to 5
    Long: 5 to 7

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    Dry hair using a blow dryer. Finger dry the hair until 70% dry. Section the hair into four sections and use a brush to maintain the tension on the hair to complete the blow-dry on ½-inch to 1-inch subsections.

    *Tip: Hair must be 100% dry for the smoothing process to work. If hair loos or feels damp, continue drying.

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    Using the sectioning comb, section the hair into six sections (seven if client has thick hair) using non-metallic clips. Sections should be in accordance with the client’s natural, or desires, part.

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    Beginning in the back and using the Kenra Style Flat Iron, flat iron ¼-inch subsections at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Any temperature above this level is unnecessary and can be damaging to the hair. This step is to be completed in a well-ventilated area. Continue with the recommended number of passes through the entire head. See chart for the appropriate number of passes. When the flat iron process is complete, rinse hair thoroughly until water runs clear.

    Number of Flat Iron Passes
    Non-Colored Hair  
    Fine/Thin: 8 to 10
    Normal/Medium: 10 to 12
    Thick/Coarse: 12 to 14

    Color-Treated or Highly Damaged Hair
    Fine/Thin: 6 to 8
    Normal/Medium: 8 to 10
    Thick/Coarse: 10 to 12


    *Tip: Some steam is normal during this portion of the service. If there is excessive steam, the hair has been over saturated with Foaming Fluid and/or Calming Creme, or is not 100% dry.

    Each pass should be slow and controlled and maintain strong tension on the hair. The proper number of passes will leave the hair feeling smooth, not sticky.

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    Apply Kenra Smooth Hydration Treatment on damp hair. Leave this treatment on hair for 5 minutes. If hair is color-treated, continue with a color refresh after rinsing. If hair is not color-treated, or a color refresh is not necessary, rinse, dry and style hair as desired.

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    After rinsing the Hydration Treatment, towel dry hair and spritz with Kenra Color Porosity Equalizing Spray and comb through. Mix Kenra Color Demi-Permanent Coloring Creme with a 9V Activator (1:2 mixing ratio) and apply to towel-dried hair. Process color up to 25 minutes. Shampoo and condition with the Kenra Smooth Anti-Frizz System. Dry hair and style as desired.

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    Smooth, Volumized Waves

    Products: Kenra® Volume Mousse 12
      Kenra Smooth™ Anti-Frizz Oil
      Kenra Platinum® Working Spray 14

    For reduced frizz and ultimate styling versatility first complete a Kenra Smooth™ professional service on your client, then follow these easy steps to create a “Smooth, Volumized Wave” look.

    1. Create 2-inch horizontal sections, starting at the nape and working up to the apex of the head.
    2. Apply Kenra® Volume Mousse 12 to each section.  Comb through for even distribution.
    3. Emulsify 3-4 pumps of Kenra Smooth™ Anti-Frizz Oil into palms and work through hair, mid lengths to ends.
    4. Rough dry the hair 70% and then utilize a round brush to finish the blowout.
    a. Concentrate a high heat, low speed setting on the dryer down the hair shaft to smooth the cuticle and maximize shine.
    5. Create soft waves with a 1.5-inch barrel iron.
    6. Mist Kenra Platinum® Working Spray 14 onto natural bristle brush and comb through cooled hair to create a natural, bouncy waves.
    7. Spray a light mist of Kenra Platinum® Working Spray 14 over finished style for an all day touchable hold.

    Optional: Emulsify 1 pump of Kenra Smooth™ Anti-Frizz Oil in palms and work through dry style for additional shine.