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Last updated: August 20, 2009

Sam Villa’s Texture Curl Technique

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Sam Villa’s Texture Curl Technique

Sam Villa gives classic curls a modern character “twist” with his latest how-to, and by utilizing a few Redken products and some trusty irons, your clients will be turning some heads this upcoming holiday and bridal season! 


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    Step 1:  Section hair and spray both sides with Redken Spray Starch 15 to protect hair from heat and add hold. 

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    Step 2:  Use your Sam Villa TEXTUR™ iron to create impressions down the hair shaft, either overlapping down the entire shaft or randomly imprinting. Work your way around the entire head, either imprinting all sections or random sections.

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    Step 3:  Take small sections of the textured hair and twist and wrap it around a small Marcel curling iron with the iron pointing down – make sure to tuck the ends in the spoon of the iron.  Twist iron to point upward and slip a pin in the curl next to the iron and slip iron out. This will hold the curl in place and prevent fingers from being burned.

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    Step 4:  Once entire head is curled and cooled, remove pins and rub a couple drops of Redken Glass 01 between hands and breakup curls to soften.

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    Tip:  To keep hair away from the face, take a small section of curls and divide in two sections – wrap the sections around each other and ruche the ends.