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Last updated: June 23, 2010

Rodney Cutler “Modern Classics” for ULTA

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Rodney Cutler “Modern Classics” for ULTA

Hollywood hair is always the hottest trend. Using muses like Charlize Theron, Rihanna, and Hilary Swank, Redken’s Rodney Cutler has created a collection for ULTA that modernizes celebrity classics into wearable looks for your clients. One of the many perks of working for ULTA is continuing education and training, and ULTA stylists recently had the pleasure of learning how to create these cuts and styles for their celebrity-loving clients.  Have you considered a career with ULTA? See why you should.

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    Step 1: Apply a nickel sized portion of Redken velvet gelatine 07 cushioning blow-dry gel to damp hair. Distribute evenly from scalp to ends.

    Step 2: Blow dry hair in sections using a medium round brush. Start with the bottom section and work your way to the top of the head. To create a smooth polished finish keep the tension on the hair tight while blow drying.
    Step 3: Once the hair is dry, run fingers through to create a subtle, separated finish. Lock the style into place by lightly spraying Redken quick dry 18 instant finishing spray to set the style.

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    Step 1: Apply a quarter size amount of Redken align 12 ultra straight balm all over the hair. Using paddle brush and blow-dryer, smooth the hair around the scalp from side to side. Then in a circular pattern blow-dry clockwise and then counter-clockwise. Continue to dry the hair back and forth until the hair is completely dry.

    Step 2: Apply a few drops of Redken glass 01 smoothing serum to the palms of hands and warm between the hands. Run fingers through the hair to create shine and a subtle textured finish.
    Step 3:
     Lightly mist with Redken quick dry 18 instant finishing spray for a manageable, all-day hold.

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    Step 1: Apply a nickel sized portion of Redken aerate 08 bodifying cream-mousse at the scalp and work lightly through the ends of hair.

    Step 2: Blow-dry the hair using a medium sized round brush to create barrel curls. (Or blow-dry completely and use a medium barrel curling iron to create barrel curls.) Pin the curls in place and allow to completely cool.
    Step 3: Once cooled, remove the pins and lightly finger rake through the style. Mist a very light amount of Redken layer lift 07 length elevating gel to curls. Use the cool setting on blow-dryer and direct the flow of air from underneath (pointing toward the ceiling) to lift the layers and set the product into place.

    Step 4: Use fingers to set the hair in place. Then lightly spray Redken quick dry 18 instant finishing spray and begin to mold and twist the hair to create chunky separation and volume.