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Last updated: May 30, 2017

Ray Salazar’s Side Pony Color and Styling How-To

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Ray Salazar’s Side Pony Color and Styling How-To

Ray Salazar, from the acclaimed Nelson J salon in Beverly Hills, CA, has created a rockin’ side platinum pony guaranteed to turn some heads this summer.  This combo color formula/step and styling how-to is easy to achieve in less than 10 steps.  Guess what else?  Salazar had a little help from three of his trusty manufacturers; Aveda, Nelson J and FHI! 


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    Step 1:   Divide hair into 2 sections, leaving 1/4 of the bottom separate from the top.

    Step 2:  With top half, the base was created using an Aveda enlightener with 20% volume. The color was lifted to a level 10.

    Step 3:   Apply a 10 VB (Violet Blue) toner to achieve the cool tone of blonde.

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    Shampoo hair thoroughly and condition with Nelson J Brazilian Hair Masque. Leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse.

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    Towel dry and blow dry hair, starting at roots, to remove any excess moisture.
    Divide hair into 2-inch sections and dry each section by using an Aveda large size ceramic brush to create movement and volume.

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    Using a FHI Heat curling iron, curl ends of hair to create a soft curl.

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    Section top and bottom of hair (by color).  Take the bottom darker section and move to the side to create a side pony tail and pin in place.
    Next, smooth top section over ponytail and shape front bangs with fingers.  Finish by spraying with Aveda Hair control holding spray.