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Last updated: May 12, 2010

Rachel from the TIGI Anthems Collection

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Rachel from the TIGI Anthems Collection

Rachel from the TIGI Anthems Collection is inspired by Bed Head’s insanely popular Headrush products. The disconnected layering pattern, cut squarely to the head, gives this mid-length hairstyle a geometric form, heightened by the strong fringe shape. Colour gives the cut additional depth and shine. This look is so cool it will make your head spin! Here’s the how-to from TIGI International Creative Team Member Nick Irwin.

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    Before the cut apply Superstar leave-in conditioner as the cutting agent. Take a profile parting and then create two diagonal sections from below the crown to the top of the ear.

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    To start the cut, take a central profile section at the back. Comb and elevate the hair to 90degrees to the round of the head and eliminate the corner of weight using point cutting.

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    Continue taking vertical sections towards the ears. Over direct each section slightly back to maintain length throughout the perimeter.

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    Note the change of body and hand position. Repeat the same technique on the opposite side. to the hair use deep slicing.

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    Now take two diagonal sections from the crown to each recession.

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    Behind the ears, work with pivoting sections. Create a disconnected layering pattern by point cutting squarely to the head shape.

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    The remaining hair in front of the ear is over-directed back to a stationary guide to maintain length to the front corner.

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    Repeat the same technique on the opposite side.

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    To separate the fringe take a centre parting and two diagonal sections from the top of the head. Before cutting blow the fringe dry to find its natural fall.

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    Comb the deep fringe forward and reshape using point cutting at a low elevation.

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    Over-direct and work slightly rounded towards the sides.

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    Point-cutting is used to clean up the fringe and soften where needed.

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    Use a TIGI Pro Large Round Brush and turn the ends slightly under in preparation of fine detailing. Release the top and starting at the crown take a horizontal section. Over-direct to a high elevation and create yet another disconnection to the under area. The remaining hair at the top is over-directed back to the crown.

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    Repeat the same technique on the opposite side to complete the layering pattern.

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    After power drying use a TIGI Professional Sculpting brush to smooth out the cuticle.

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    Use small amount of Hard Head hairspray then straighten the hair with a TIGI Pro Flat Iron. To remove weight and give direction to the hair use a deep slicing technique.

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    Blast the hair with the drier applying HeadRush to give shine and natural separation.

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    To finish the cut apply Hard Head hairspray to emphasize the shape and give long lasting hold.