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Last updated: January 15, 2018

Quick Crown Twist

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Quick Crown Twist

There are a few things stylists just can’t live without: coffee, black clothes and their go-to hairbrush. Brushes can make or break a client’s finished look, and once a stylist gets comfortable using a specific kind, they never want to let it go. Below, watch how to create a quick goddess-inspired crown twist, and see how the Wet Brush Professional and the Epic Teasing Brush help create the style super fast and add a natural shine to the hair. 


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    To start, flip the hair over, then use a Wet Brush to brush in the natural oils from the nape of the neck and to add shine. Continue brushing throughout the head.

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    Then, section the hair and start twisting at the top of the head and working down. Repeat this on the other side of the head. Then use the EPIC Professional Teasing Brush to backcomb the ends and add texture.

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     Twist the right section to the top of the head and pin. Then repeat on the other side.


    Takeaway Tips

    • Styling clients before they leave the chair is a great way to differentiate yourself—and the brushes you use can help you create different looks faster (which is good for you and your clients)!
    • The Wet Brush is a stylist and client favorite, so use that to your advantage—talk about the benefits of the brush, show its different styles/colors and up your retail sales in the process!
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    Finished look.

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