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Last updated: May 16, 2012

Push Knot Styling Technique from Surface

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Push Knot Styling Technique from Surface

This ‘do from Surface founder Wayne Grund is knotty but nice, with the right balance of edge and playfulness. Utilizing an intricate knotting system to create a faux hawk design, this look is one you’ll want to add to your styling repertiore this season. Here’s the complete how-to.

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    Prepare hair with Surface products Jump and Taffy Whip, blow dry, add Push Powder to base, then curl hair using Theory as working spray.

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    Begin in the nape and work with a 1-inch diagonal section. Spray lightly with Theory Firm. Direct hair to left side and tie a slip knot.

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    Divide hair in the center behind the knot. Guide tail through the center starting at the top.

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    Finish pulling the tail all the way through.

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    Shimmy the knot up to base and secure with one bobby pin behind the knot.

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    Continue with the push knot technique in 1-inch diagonal sections. Remember to work with the head as a whole and stack knots one on top of the next.

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    Create a slip knot in the last section, but do not pull through. Instead, slightly rotate the knot on base to create a bump. Tip: lightly backcomb this section for extra support.

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    To finish, pinch the ends of the tail. Hold a small section of the tail in your left hand while sliding the remainder of the hair up to base.

    Finishing option 1: Tuck ends under and secure with bobby pin.

    Finishing option 2: Lightly dust with Push Powder and continue to backcomb hair with your fingers. Finish with Theory Firm and Bassu Shine Spray.

    View a video how-to for this look!