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Last updated: January 23, 2018

Pump Up the Volume!

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Big hair isn’t just for southern bells or Dolly Parton. Your clients, especially those with thin hair, want that big, full-bodied look, too. All it takes is some spray, serum, lotion and a little heat to turn flat, limp hair into bodacious, flowing locks with lots of volume!


If you’re tired of teasing and backcombing to try and achieve bigger, fatter hair, the perfect product combo, like AG Hair’s Root Thikkening Serum and Lotion, can give you the volume and va-va-voom your clients crave, while promoting long-lasting benefits to promote future (permanent) hair growth and thickness. Containing high concentrations of their Regenerative Complex, a clinically proven blend of organic Pea Sprout Extract coupled with ginseng and ginger, both products work to naturally stimulate new hair growth and create the optimal environment for healthy, fuller-looking hair. Use Root Thikkening Serum twice daily on wet or dry hair for a minimum of 90 days to help stimulate blood flow to hair cells. Follow with Thikkening Lotion once a day on wet hair for instantly fuller-looking hair using powerful strand volumizers to pomp each individual hair shaft. Here’s the daily regimen:

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  • 1

    Start in the shower with Thikk Wash and Thikk Rinse.

  • 2

    Use Root Thikkening Serum twice daily. Target the spray directly on the roots and scalp of wet or dry hair for a minimum of 90 days. Gentle polymers lift at the root, giving the appearance of fuller hair.

  • 3

    On wet hair (before styling) follow with Thikkening Lotion. The powerful strand volumizers plump each individual hair shaft, creating instantly fuller looking hair without weighing it down.

  • 4

    Choose any of AG Hair Volume styling product to finish the look.