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November 27, 2017

Cool Platinum With Extensions


Cool Platinum With Extensions

There’s nothing cooler than going ice-white for the winter, and with the new 60A extension from hairtalk®, creating a long, thick platinum shade of blonde is not only a healthy option, but it can be done in less than an hour. Vicki Casciola, artistic director for hairtalk® used colors 60A, 70, and GR/3R in original, petites and mini strands from the versatile line to create this power-platinum look, and here are all the details so you can recreate it behind the chair. 


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    Begin by creating clean and proper sections. Clip away all hair on the sides in order to start the application in the back and at the nape. 

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    Begin at the nape and apply one complete row of Originals color 60A.

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    Moving up the head, apply three complete rows of Originals color 60A paired with color 70 underneath. This creates a cooler platinum shade.

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    Be sure to match density to density when applying the extensions. This ensures the best end result for your client. 

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    For row 5, apply Original Plus color 60A paired with Original color 70 underneath.


    Pro Tip: For a cool, subtler blend, use texturizing shears on color 70 before applying.

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    Using the hairtalk® sectioning brush, comb through the hair after completing every row. 

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    Starting above the ear, apply two to three petite extensions per row. Pair the Petite Plus color 60A with Petite color 70 underneath. Apply three rows on both sides of head.

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    Remember that the petite extensions are 1.1 inches wide, and that they are great to use in smaller areas or areas of higher visibility.

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    To create more density and shadow on the fringe, create a ¼-inch subsection from the hairline. Then, apply one row of Mini Strand Plus 60A paired with Mini Strand Plus Color GR/3R underneath.

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    To complete look, point-cut the extensions to match the length of the fringe.

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    Continue detailing with the point-cutting technique until the fringe section is complete. 

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    Finished look. 

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    Finished look. 

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