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Last updated: June 23, 2017

Platinum Blonde from L’ANZA

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Platinum Blonde from L’ANZA

Flip traditional haircutting ideas on their heads. L’ANZA’s newest innovation, the short haired undercut, amps up short hair with big style. The experts at L’ANZA show you how to get this edgy color look in just three easy steps.

Who Did It
Cut: Oscar Bond
Haircolor: Wendy Bond
Photography: David Byun
Makeup: Chico Mitsui

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    Existing Level 10 blond hair (prelightened).

    Color Formulas (Base)
    L’ANZA Healing Color Concept “Nuvola”
    L’ANZA Healing Color 100A – 27g
    L’ANZA Healing Color Blue Mix – 1g
    L’ANZA Healing Color Gold Mix – 1g
    L’ANZA Healing Color Copper Mix – 1g
    L’ANZA Healing Color Demi Cream Developer – 60g

    Apply Base color in horizontal sections across the top of the head to create depth. Only apply color about 1-inch from the scalp in a diffused line as you move away from the scalp. Next, apply the Base color to the short hair on the back and sides of the head.

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    Color Formulas (Toner)
    L’ANZA Healing Color Concept “White Chocolate”
    L’ANZA Healing Color 100 – 5g
    L’ANZA Healing Color 100A -5g
    L’ANZA Healing Color 100V – 5g
    L’ANZA Healing Color – Translucent Color Catalyst – 15g
    L’ANZA Healing Color – Demi Cream Developer – 30g

    Apply Toner to the long ends of the hair. Use foil to help control color application. Process, rinse and dry hair before proceeding to the next step.

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    Color Formulas (Accent)
    L’ANZA Healing Color Concept “Siena”
    L’ANZA Healing Color 100P – 22g
    L’ANZA Healing Color 8C – 4g
    L’ANZA Healing Color G Mix – 4g

    Create a triangular part on the left side of the head. The bottom part of the triangle should align from the recession along the parietal ridge and the point should be at the top of the head, about 2 inches behind the front hairline. Apply Accent color to the entire section, diffusing into the Base color. Process and rinse. Be sure to rinse foils individually and thoroughly to avoid spreading the color to blonde hair.

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    Prepare the hair for blow drying by misting with L’ANZA Healing ColorCare Magic Bullet to close the cuticle and protect haircolor. Next, apply a small amount of L’ANZA Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment to damp hair to add smoothness, shine and heat protection. Mist hair with L’ANZA Spray Gel for added control. Blow-dry with a Denman-style brush, moving hair back and forth. To complete this look, take a small amoung of L’ANZA Shape Putty and emulsify in the palms of your hands. Work through dry hair to enhance texture.

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