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Last updated: March 26, 2018

How-To: Perfect Second-Day Hair

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The second-day hair look is SO in, but there’s a fine line between “I don’t care” cool and “I overslept.” Here’s how to get that perfect second-day hair look from Hairroin owner Janine Jarman.


The secret to this look is the Unwash Dry Cleanser. It uses volcanic ash to absorb oils without chalky residue, plus it refreshes her hair and gives it additional texture. And it’s important to start with hair that’s already healthy! The Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner is a great base because it’s a co-wash product that won’t strip her hair of natural oils.

Artist: Janine Jarman
Manufacturer: Unwash, @unwash

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    Wash your client’s hair with the Bio-Cleansing Conditioner. Fully saturate the hair with water, then start with a quarter-sized amount of product. (For longer or thicker hair, you’ll need to reapply two or three times.) Start at the roots and work your way through the midlengths and ends. It doesn’t lather—and that’s on purpose. “We’re not washing dishes here!” Janine says. Thoroughly rinse the Bio-Cleansing Conditioner out of the hair.

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    Blow-dry and style her as usual.

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    Teach your client to use the Dry Cleanser appropriately by shaking the can well and spraying far enough away for even dispersion. It’s also great on the ends to add additional grip!

  • Win Unwash Dry Cleanser!