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Last updated: October 11, 2022

Peach Perfect Cut and Color

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Peach Perfect Cut and Color

A collarbone-grazing bob with diffused ends provides an edgy, grown-out feel, but the overall shape remains strong in this stunning look from the Aveda Heart Lands Collection. Tinges of peach, semi-natural roots and a sleek finish all work together to take this rustic look a bit rogue.

Who Did It
Creative Direction:
Antoinette Beenders
Art Direction and Hair Styling: Allen Ruiz
Makeup Artistic Director: Janell Geason
Haircolor Artistic Director: Ian Michael Black
Hair Cutting Artistic Director: Ricardo Dinis
Photography: Jenny Hands
Wardrobe: Damian Foxe 

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    1. Section the hair using the natural parting through the top. Create a vertical subsection through the center back.

    2. Beginning in the nape, create a diagonal subsection on both sides of the head. Using your comb to secure the hair and—to minimize tension, elevation and overdirection—create a line at the desired length that mirrors the angle of the subsection.

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    3. Continue working up the head, taking diagonal subsections that alternate from side-to-side. Using a graduated technique, elevate the subsections away from the head, and overdirect them slightly back as you work up the back of the head and toward the sides. Using the previously cut subsection as a guide, cut on the inside of your fingers, mirroring the angle of the subsection.

    4. Continue in this manner, maintaining consistent elevation and increasing overdirection as you work up the back and sides of the head.

    5. Blow-dry and point-cut to refine the outline.

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    Aveda Color Rormulas
    formula a:
    20g full spectrum permanent extra lifting crème + 40ml 30-volume color catalyst
    formula b: 20g full spectrum permanent 10 Natural Lightest Blonde + 20g Universal ØN + 40ml 10-volume color catalyst
    formula c: 5g full spectrum permanent and deposit-only color treatment Pure Red + 100ml liquid activatorsearch:

    1. Section the hair as illustrated. Create heavy-density, strong-effect weaves in a half-head pattern and apply Formula A, feathering the color toward the scalp. Place the foils as illustrated, centered at the point of distribution and following the natural growth pattern. Omit the nape area.

    2. Process, rinse, shampoo and towel-dry.

    3. On damp hair, shift the base by applying Formula B from scalp-to-ends on all the hair, including the nape area. Process for 10 minutes.

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    4. Using a bottle, apply Formula C to all the hair. (Note: Applying highlights first will create dimension when you tone the final color.)

    5. Process until you achieve the desired level of deposit. Rinse, shampoo and treat the hair.

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    1. Prep the hair with Aveda Color Conserve Daily Color Protect and Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother.

    2. Section the hair into three traditional panels. Beginning in the bottom panel, wrap-dry the hair straight to create a smooth, natural finish. Continue until all sections are dry.

    3. Apply Aveda Pure Abundance Style-Prep to dry hair in the two bottom panels. Rough-dry the product into the hair to create more volume at the bottom.

    4. Finish with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray.

    Product Perk: Aveda Pure Abundance Style-Prep thickens strands with a botanical blend of passion fruit, rice bran, acai oil, organic aloe and acacia gum.

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