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Last updated: May 27, 2017

Pastel Ponies from Aveda

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Pastel Ponies from Aveda

Who Did It
Haircolor: Ian Michael Black, Aveda Artistic Director
Cut: Ricardo Dinis, Aveda Artistic Director
Photography: Jenny Hands

Watercolors and tie-dyed fabrics act as whimsical muses for this blonde evolution, featured in the new Culture Clash Collection from Aveda. Long, round layers are animated with melting pastels and cleverly sculpted to elevate the classic ponytail to a new art form. A simple slide or repositioning of the hair elastics transforms the shape in an instant, creating infinite possibilities for every hair styling flight of fancy.

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    Natural Level: 8
    Prelighten: Extra Lifting Creme + 40-volume color catalyst™
    Formula A: 40g Extra Lifting Crème + 4g Pastel Violet + 4g Pastel Blue + 40ml 10-volume color catalyst™
    Formula B: 40g Universal ØN + 2g Pure Violet + 40ml 5-volume color catalyst™
    Formula C: 40g Universal ØN + 3g Pure Blue + 40 ml 10-volume color catalyst™

    This application is performed on prelightened hair.
    1. In Section 1, apply Formula A from scalp to ends, and isolate with foil.

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    2. In Section 2, take diagonal slices (medium-effect, medium-density) starting ½ inch from the front hairline, and apply Formula B from scalp to ends, leaving ½ inch between slices.

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    3. In Section 3, create a center parting to form two subsections. Starting at the front hairline, create strong-effect weaves, feathering Formula B away from the scalp through the midlengths and color melting into Formula C from midlengths to ends.

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    4. Repeat the previous step in both subsections, alternating Formulas B and C at the midlengths and ends.

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    5. Process, rinse, shampoo and treat the hair.

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    1. Prep the hair with Aveda Pure Abundance™ style-prep.

    Apply Aveda Volumizing Tonic™ and divide the hair into three traditional panels. Beginning in the bottom panel, create a hard set of on-base curls.

    3. Repeat in the middle and top panels, bricklaying the sections and using on-base curls in the middle panel and off-base curls in the top panel.

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    4. When the curls are cooled, remove the pins and brush out gently using a Mason Pearson brush.
    5. Divide the hair into quadrants, creating partings from ear to ear and peak to nape. Create a low ponytail in each quadrant, and secure with a clear hair elastic.

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    6. Starting with the front right ponytail, grip the elastic in one hand and the longest strand of the ponytail in the other hand. Push the elastic up to the desired height to create the bowed shape. Repeat on the remaining ponytails. Adjust as needed to create the desired shape.

    7. Finish by applying Aveda Control Force™ firm hold hair spray.

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