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Last updated: January 06, 2009

On the Set: Thomas McKiver and Lauren Conrad

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On the Set: Thomas McKiver and Lauren Conrad

The Hills’ are alive with the sound of…Thomas McKiver!  When The Hills starlet Lauren Conrad, known to most as L.C., needed some root boost for her Cosmopolitan cover shoot, she turned to celeb stylist Thomas McKiver.  McKiver swapped out the drama with the girls for some much needed curls, and this step-by-step is sure to make her nemesis Heidi weak in the knees. 


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    Step 1: Laurens showed up on set with dry, clean hair.   Thomas then dampened her strands down with a little water, and applied some TRESemme Volumizing Mousse. 

    Step 2:  Next, blow dry hair on high heat with a large, round brush.  Make sure to over-direct the hair to gain maximum volume at the roots.

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    Step 3:  Thomas then took his large 1 ½ barrel Gold N Hot curling to create additional movement in the middle length and ends.  Sections were taken cleanly with ½ inch width.

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    Step 4:  Turn head upside down and shake out hair with fingers.  DO NOT brush since doing so would make the finish too smooth.

    Step 5:  Flip head back up, arrange with fingers and spray lightly with an ultra fine mist hairspray.