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Last updated: February 16, 2009

On The Set: Stuart Gavert “Twilights” Kristen Stewart

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On The Set: Stuart Gavert “Twilights” Kristen Stewart

Hollywood Hair Guru Stuart Gavert had the pleasure of giving “twilights” to the fabulous Kristin Stewart for her role as Bella Swan in the blockbuster hit Twilight.  “Twilights are advanced coloring techniques to achieve dimension and depth during a single process hair color,” explains Gavert.  Sink your teeth into the vampalicious how-to!


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  • close formula

    Formula for Twilights:

    Application for Twilights:

    1. Locate natural hair parting.

    2. Take thin sliced layer just 1/2 inch below the natural part (not applying right on natural part will give you see-through effect), and also stay 1/2 inch away around the hairline (this will avoid washing your skin tone and give you softer look).

    3. Lay down foil and apply coppery blond (warm color will reflect light more) and fold foil.

    4. Do not over do it!  Remember less is more!  Apply no more than 2 foil around hair line and 3 or 4 on the side and top.

    5. Process and rinse.

    6. Add a few Balayage just around her hairline as she’s laying down in the shampoo bowl.

    7. Process till desired level. Shampoo and condition the hair and proceed to styling.