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Last updated: January 19, 2009

On the Set: Ken Paves “Glamours” Eva Longoria

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On the Set: Ken Paves “Glamours” Eva Longoria

Ken Paves goes above and beyond for his celebrity clientele, especially Eva Longoria! “I love this cover with Eva!” exclaimed Paves.  “I think it communicates the vibe of hair at the moment.  Hair is all about undone glamour; hair that is organic and real, enhancing the woman wearing it!” Get your client looking perfect enough for Wisteria Lane with this how-to. 


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    I always recommend that my clients wash and dry their hair the night before, allow it to air dry, and then I work from their natural texture.  This is much gentler on the hair, than pulling and stretching, fragile, wet hair while dehydrating it with a blow dryer.

    I began on her dry hair, curling 1″ sections downward.  Randomness adds to the sexiness.
    We chose to part her hair to the side.  The top and side of her hair were twisted back and curled toward the face.  Twisting also added to the “undone” glamour.

    Once the hair was all curled, I allowed it to cool and set. I then sprayed volumizer into her hair toward the root, flipped her head over, and now to the dry, less fragile hair, I applied medium heat and tussled with my fingers.  She flipped over, I finger styled, added a little shine serum and voila, instant cover hair! It’s undone glamour, modern and sexy hair in less than 20 minutes.  Eva loved it, and believe it or not I didn’t use any hair pieces!