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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Neon Hair Battle How-To: Lived-In Neon

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Neon Hair Battle How-To: Lived-In Neon

Neons are a hot, hot, hot color trend right now. Don’t believe us? There’s even an epic throwdown in honor of the bold colors—the Kenra Professional 2017 Neon Hair Battle. At this year’s competition, Emma Hancock, aka @masterpiecehair and the WINNER, wanted a more natural look with creative colors running through it. Check it out!


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    Kenra Color Formulas
    Formula A: Simply Blonde Blue Powder Lightener + 20-volume developer + Olaplex No.1

    Formula B: Simply Blonde Blue Powder Lightener + 30-volume developer + Olaplex No.1

    Formula C: 3 parts Demi Permanent Rapid Toner VP + 1 part Demi Permanent Rapid Toner SV + 9-volume developer

    Formula D: Equal parts Demi Permanent 7VM + Demi Permanent 8BRM

    Formula E: Equal parts Neon Fuchsia + Creative Magenta + Olaplex No.1

    Formula F: Equal parts Creative Pink + Charcoal + Creative White + Olaplex No.1

    Formula G: Neon Yellow + a couple drops of Creative Orange + lots of Creative White + Olaplex No.1

    Formula H: Neon Violet + Creative Violet + couple drops of Creative Teal + Olaplex No.1

    Formula I: Neon Blue + Creative Blue + Olaplex No.1

    Formula J: Creative Yellow + lots of Olaplex No.2

    Formula K: Creative White + a couple drops of Neon Green + a couple drops of Creative Teal

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    Apply babylights with Formula A on the bottom half of the hair and Formula B on the top half. Balayage between each foil to remove remaining dark color. Process for 40 minutes to lift to a Level 9/10. Rinse, apply Olaplex No.2 for 10 minutes, then rinse again.

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    Apply Formula C and tone for 5 minutes. Shampoo, towel-dry and apply Formula D as a shadow root to the first 2 inches of hair. Process for 15 minutes, shampoo and blow-dry.

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    Starting from the nape, color melt Formula E into Formula F up to the occipital bone. At the midshafts, color melt Formula G for 2 inches, then alternate melting into Formulas H and I. In the same section, tip the hair, alternating between Formulas J and F.

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    In the remaining sections, melt Formula F into Formulas J and K. Then, take horizontal panels in a Mohawk section, beginning with a shadow root with Formula F and melting into alternating sections of Formulas G and K.

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