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Last updated: September 27, 2011

MEMBERS ONLY: Rope-Style Twisted Updo from Eugene Souleiman

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MEMBERS ONLY: Rope-Style Twisted Updo from Eugene Souleiman

To create the look for the Antonio Marras Show at Milan Fashion Week, Eugene Souleiman, Global Creative Director of Wella Professionals created super chic “crowns” by manipulating hair into a sculptural, tiara-style rope twist with a smooth, vinyl-like sheen. This sleek style is a gorgeous option for any special occasion. Here’s the how-to.

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    The right preparation is absolutely essential for this look in order to achieve the quality of hair needed to create the style. Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair using Wella Professionals Enrich Shampoo and Conditioner, and apply Wella Professionals Velvet Amplifier to wet hair before blow drying hair straight and smooth using a round brush, without creating volume. For hair in need of an extra moisturizing boost, like that of models at Fashion Week, try using Wella Professionals Enrich Moisturizing Treatment once a week.

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    Use a sectioning comb to create a razor sharp side-parting, all the way back to the crown. Take the section of hair from the large side of the parting on the top of the head (leaving the small side below the parting and the back for the head from the crown free) and spray with Wella Professionals Stay Essential Hair Spray at the roots of the hair until the hair is absolutely wet , then brush through creating tension in the hair and secure tightly into a pony tail high on the side of the head using a snag free elastic.  Spray the pony tail with Wella Professionals Shimmer Delight to create a shine and even texture to the pony tail.

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    Take the remaining hair from the side of the parting and the back of the head and saturate the roots with hair spray and brush through with a soft bristle brush.  Pull the hair toward the high pony tail and create a second pony tail just below the high one, then bind the two pony tails together with snag free elastic.  Spray Shimmer Delight spray into the ponytail.  Ensure that the hair on the back and side of the head is clean and shiny, and wraps around the head  as if wrapping the head in a piece of silk fabric. 

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    Divide the ponytail into two equal sections and twist each section individually before wrapping them around each other along the full length to create a rope-like braid, spraying generously as you go. Secure the end tightly with a snag free elastic. Next pull the rope twist over the top of the head, creating a tiara-like sculpture. Pull the end of the twist diagonally down to the nape of the neck, finishing on the opposite side to the top knot of the rope.  Using hair pins, pin the rope twist into place. Soak the end of ponytail with Wella Professionals Sculpt Force Flubber Gel and tease the hair to blend perfectly with the hair at the back of the head for a seamless finish.