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Last updated: October 11, 2011

MEMBERS ONLY: How to Use Color to Create The Look of Feather Extensions

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MEMBERS ONLY: How to Use Color to Create The Look of Feather Extensions

Carol Wood, mentor colorist and educator at Aveda Vandam Salon in SoHo and “Carol the Colorist” blogger, has created what she calls “Friendly Feathers,” a technique for creating a feather-like appearance just through expertly painted color. In the following pages, you’ll learn how to do the technique yourself—just you wait, you’ll have clients “flocking” to you in no time! Read the Article: 3 Ways to Make Money with Feather Extensions 


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    These are the formulas you’ll need to recreate this look:

    Formula 1: Aveda Enlightener Powder Lightener with 10 Volume Color Catalyst

    Formula 2: Aveda Full Spectrum Deposit Only Color Treatment 8 Y/O, Light Golden Blond

    Formula 3: Aveda Pure Pigment, shade Orange

    Formula 4: Aveda Full Spectrum Protective Permanent Cream Hair Color 4N, Light Brown with 10 Volume Color Catalyst

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    Take a section 1/2-inch below the natural part of the hair, and create a 1-inch square section.

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    Take a fine slice from the bottom of the squared section and place onto foil.

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    Starting about 1 inch from the scalp, apply Formula 1. Continue through this section, working Formula 1 in back-to-back slices.

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    When square section is complete, fold foil.

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    Apply Formula 2 throughout remaining hair.

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    Process Formula 1 to a pale yellow, then shampoo, condition and dry. Resection the hair to isolate the pre-lightened square section.

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    Apply Formula 3 to entire pre-lightened section. Process, shampoo and dry.

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    Take a fine slice from your square section and place onto foil. Starting near the line of demarcation, apply horizontal stripes with Formula 4. To do this, use just the tip of your brush and press into the hair. Continue down the section, taking fine slices onto the same foil and applying Formula 4 to the same spots. Process, shampoo, condition and style.

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    Love em’ or hate em’, feathers are big. (Like they say, birds of a feather stick together!) The fowl-inspired trend isn’t going away anytime soon, but with this animal-friendly version of feather extensions, you have the chance to express your artistry and have fun with color.

    : Carol Wood, Aveda Vandam Salon
    Styling: Peter Corvington, Aveda Vandam Salon