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Last updated: May 31, 2017

3 Glam Holiday Hair How-Tos

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3 Glam Holiday Hair How-Tos

In the lane, snow is glistenin’, but not as much as your client’s hair will be when you whip up one of these glamorous holiday ‘dos. She’ll be a beautiful sight at all her holiday gatherings thanks to the helpful how-tos from three of our BTC BFFs—Martino Cartier, Charlie Price and Frank Barbosa—who teach you how to create the ballerina bun, the voluminous faux bob and the sparkly loose chignon. 



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    A glittery accessory adds whimsical romance to just about any hairstyle, and it makes for the perfect c complement to this soft, undone chignon. Here’s a how-to from NAHA winning stylist Charlie Price:

    1. Curl hair with a 1-inch Marcel curling iron, all one direction.

    2. Comb the hair out completely with a fine tooth comb. Work a grooming cream in to eliminate static and provide plenty of glisten to the hair.

    3. Using a styling comb or rattail comb and thin metal clips, depress the comb into the hair and spray with hairspray to create finger waves around the face. Use the clips to enhance the ridges in the waves before spraying. If the pins leave dents in the hair, simply use a bit more spray to re-wet the hair or even wet the fingers with water to re-distribute the spray already in the hair and gently remove the dent without disrupting the set wave.

    4. Loosely secure the messy bun with bobby pins (I prefer bronze pins on light hair they seem to be hidden much easier than the bright silver ones.)

    5. Add in sparkly clips or broaches on one side of the head, above and behind the ear.

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    This is a staple, go-to ‘do for any special occasion. It’s particularly popular with the twenty-something crowd. Here’s how to create this holiday style, courtesy of Keratin Complex’s Martino Cartier:

    1. Pull all hair upwards and place into a high pony tail on top of the head. 

    2. Divide the ponytail into four sections. 

    3. “Lace” one section at a time by lifting the section, shaking loose the short hairs, and strategically winding the hair around the base while placing a small comb in the hair to fasten it after you wrap. 

    4. Continue doing this with all sections, wrapping gently—not tightly—around each. This builds up volume and texture in the interior of the bun while giving a more polished look on the outside.

    5. Continue to work all the sections around the head with your fingers and fasten the outside with large bobby pins under the hair (about 4-5 pins) for an invisible but very secure hold. 

    6. Finish the look with Keratin Complex Flex Flow Finishing Hairspray.

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    An extra glamorous style, this faux bob features lots of volume and luxurious texture. This is a chic option for clients with longer hair who want the feeling of a short look without the commitment. Celebrity stylist Frank Barbosa provides a how-to:

    1. Start out with a great foundation. Use Rene Furterer Volumizing Mouse on towel-dried hair then blow-dry.

    2. Set the hair on round brushes for tremendous volume. 

    3. Curl the hair with three different-sized irons, curling the hair in different directions as you work around the head

    4. Ask your client to turn her head upside-down and then shake her hair out. When she sits back up, finger comb the curls out a bit.

    5. Pull the hair into a low ponytail, bringing the band down to the end of hair (about 2 inches from the bottom of tail).

    6. Flip the ponytail under towards the nape and secure with bobby pins and hair pins for this ethereal look. Work hair into shape with your fingers and finish with a light hold hairspray.