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Last updated: October 16, 2005

Maximum Pulse by Goldwell Topchic Effects

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Maximum Pulse by Goldwell Topchic Effects

Try your hand at one of Goldwell’s electric new step-by-steps.

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    Section 1: Create a crescent shape at the front.

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    Section 2: Take a rectangular section in the front of the right ear.

    Section 3: Place a further rectangular section behind the right ear.

    Section 4: Section off a rectangle above the left ear.

    Section 5: Remaining hair is section 5.

    Customize the size of the sections according to head size and shape.

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    Apply pre-color Spray if required. In sections 2,3 & 4 use “Back-to-Back” slices

    •   Section 5: Apply formula c. 4G + 4N
    •   Section 3 + 4: Apply formula a. RV Max
    •   Section 2: Apply formula b. R Max
    •   Section 1: Alternate formula a. RV Max and C. 4G + 4N according to slicing grid

    Total processing time is 25-30 minutes (15-20 minutes with a heat accelerator). Stagger removal if necessary.

    Rinse, shampoo and condition with appropriate Goldwell products.

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    Base Shade: 4N

    Colors: Topchic Effects RV Max & R Max Colorance Acid Color 4G & 4N

    Color Formula:
    (adapt amount according to need)

    a. 20 ml 9% (30 vol.) Topchic Lotion + 10 ml RV Max Topchic Effects
    b. 20 ml 9% (30 vol.) Topchic Lotion + 10 ml R Max Topchic Effects
    c. 60 ml Colorance Acid Color Lotion + 20 ml 4N Colorance Acid Color + 10 ml 4G Colorance Acid Color