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Last updated: May 30, 2017

Matrix Vavoom “Blonde Bombshell” Step-by-Step

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Matrix Vavoom “Blonde Bombshell” Step-by-Step

The iconic bombshell gets reinvented for the 21st Century. All the original appeal of Marilyn Monroe is still intact, but the retro feel is updated with a modern, precise cut and style, cast in the most precious shade of blonde—pure, buttery platinum.

Style your look with Vavoom Gold Heat styling products.


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    Sectioning: Take a center parting that extends from the front hairline to the nape. Next, take an A-line parting from occipital to the middle of each ear.  Establish perimeter length using shallow point cutting.

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    Beginning in the center back using a 1-inch subsection, elevate the hair at 45 degrees and cut. This will be a stationary guide for this section. Using ½-inch subsections, overdirect hair back to this stationary guide and cut.  Work from center out to both sides.

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    Using guideline from previous section, elevate the hair at 90 degrees from the head and cut straight. Complete entire section using a traveling guideline.

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    Create another parting that extends along the parietal ridge. Taking a guideline from the previous section, elevate the hair at 90 degrees and cut. Working around the head, complete entire section using a traveling guideline.

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    On dry hair, using a guideline from back top section, direct hair forward and surface plane to blend layers.  Complete entire top section.

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    Take a triangular parting at the front that extends from just past the high point of the head to the corner of the eyes. Freehand cut to remove weight and create a soft fringe.

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    Cleanse & treat hair with Vavoom Bust-Out Body Shampoo and Conditioner.  Style with Vavoom Gold Heat Blow-In Volume for sexy style and natural body.  Finish with Vavoom Extra-Full Freezing Spray for volume and clean-feeling workability.

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    Natural level Medium Blonde
    Pre-lighten to pale yellow
    4 scoops V-Light
    4 oz. 20 Volume SoLite Creme Developer

    Formula A
    2 oz. Color Sync 10G
    2 oz. Color Sync Activator

    Formula B
    1 oz. Color Sync 10G
    1 oz. Color Sync Clear
    2 oz. Color Sync Activator

    Sectioning: Create a parting that extends slightly below parietal ridge that comes to a point at the occipital. Subsection top area for control.
    Note: Model’s hair was pre-lightened to pale yellow prior to technique.

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    Apply Formula A from scalp to ends in bottom section.

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    Apply Formula B from scalp to ends in top section. Process as directed. Rinse thoroughly. Cleanse and treat the hair.

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    Personalize perimeter as needed. Use angled texturizing technique to soften and remove weight.

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