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Last updated: April 06, 2011

Matrix Dream Lift Makeover

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Matrix Dream Lift Makeover

Matrix loves giving makeovers, especially on real women. Here we have the Dream Lift Makeover. This natural-looking, soft blonde color and short cut is full of bounce and life. It also instantly boosts the client’s overall look and revives skin tone! All it takes is three color formulas, some sectioning and a few steps. Let’s give it a try shall we?


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    Natural Level 6
    Formula A: 2 scoops V-Light + 2 oz. 10 Volume SOLITE Cream Developer
    Formula B: ½ oz. Color Sync 7WN + ½ oz. Color Sync Clear + 1oz. Color Sync 9 Volume Activator
    Formula C: 1 ½ oz. DA-507NG + 1 ½ oz. 20 Volume SOLITE Cream Developer

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    Take a look at the three images above in regards to sectioning.

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    Beginning above left eye in section 1, create a ¼ inch diagonal slice at front hairline and apply Formula A to new growth. Next, leaving a ½ inch space between foils, create a ¼ inch diagonal weave and apply Formula B from scalp to ends, fold into packet. Continue foil placement in a brick lay pattern, alternating
    Formulas A & B throughout section 1.

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    Working in section 2, place diagonal slices alternating Formulas A & B throughout. Repeat in section 3.

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    Begin by applying Formula C to new growth only between each foil and sections 4 & 5. Process accordingly.

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    Pull Formula C through mid-lengths and ends of section 5 only for the final 10 minutes of  processing. Rinse, cleanse, condition and treat with Biolage Rejuvathérapie Age Rejuvenating Shampoo, Densifying Concentrate and Intensive Masque.

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