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November 24, 2009

Luxe Layers Color and Styling How-To from Matrix


Luxe Layers Color and Styling How-To from Matrix

Luxe Layers embraces warm mocha browns brought to life with touches of Hi-Definition Red to create an edgy elegance this holiday season. This stunning look is the work of Matrix Artistic Designer Ammon Carver and Matrix Artistic Designer Nick Stenson. To see more from Matrix, check out the Golden Elegance Collection and the Golden Tresses, Braided Elegance Step-by-Step.


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    To achieve this modern round layered cut, begin at the center nape and create a vertical sub-section. Use this traveling guideline throughout the back section and the sides. Establish a horizontal stationary guide at the crown, and over-direct all the top hair, maintaining length. Direct the fringe to the opposite side and cut, creating dramatic asymmetry and eye-catching effect.

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    NaturaL Level – 5 Medium Brown
    2 oz. Color Sync 6M
    2 oz. Color Sync Activator
    1 oz. SOCOLOR HD-RR
    1 oz. 20 Volume SOLITE Cream Developer

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    Approximately 1½” back from front hairline, create three narrow rectangular sections, as shown. Clip to separate. Comb hair at back into neatly controlled shape.

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    Beginning on right side, release section. Slightly back from hairline weave ¼” section, place foil, and apply Formula A from scalp area to approximately first inch of hair strand.

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    Within the same foil, carefully apply Formula B to the remaining hair, as shown. To prevent intermixing, place partial foil over area to cover Formula A, then fold bottom half of original foil to meet top edge. Continue folding into C.R.A.F.T. style packet. Place two more foils in the section parallel to first repeating application and folding method.

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    Continue to left side and repeat application. At top, place four foils.

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    Haiden’s style was created by Vavoom Artistic Designer, Ammon Carver, using Vavoom Height Of Glam Volumizing Foam, Vavoom Design Pulse Messy Couture Molding Paste and Vavoom ShapeMaker Shaping Spray. Her radiant brown tones and vibrant reds were created by Matrix Artistic Designer, Nick Stenson, using Color Sync Mocha Series and SOCOLOR HD Color Technology Red & Copper Series.



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    Apply Vavoom Height Of Glam Volumizing Foam to damp hair. Separate the top for control. Using a cushion brush, start on right side and blow-dry with slight elevation. Complete side
    and repeat on left, continue to back.

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    Release top. Direct air flow down hair strand while encouraging controlled movement.

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    Blow-dry fringe forward creating a smooth finish to the ends.

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    Emulsify Vavoom Design Pulse Messy Couture Molding Paste in hands, and select strands for piece-y detail. Spray with Vavoom ShapeMaker Shaping Spray for style flexibility.