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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Low Bun with Fishtail from Pravana

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Low Bun with Fishtail from Pravana

Achieving simple, elegant glam has never been easier! This stunning low fishtail bun is the perfect high-style look—just in time for prom season! Start by twisting hair into a fishtail braid before securing it into the perfect low bun. So don’t just give your clients an ordinary ‘do, give them a truly unique look that will set them apart!

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    Mist clean, damp hair with NEVO Invisible Control to add structure, build memory and protect against thermal styling in preparation for heated tools.

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    Blow-dry the hair starting from the nape and working up, smoothing and creating fullness and shape with a medium round brush.

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    As you dry, clip each section into a barrel curl. While you work on blow-drying the rest of the hair, the barrel curls will cool and set into shape. The NEVO Invisible Control previously applied to the hair will help the hair retain the memory of the set, creating gorgeous curls.

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    Continue working up the hair in this fashion, round brushing and fastening hair into horizontal barrel curls.

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    Release the set and brush through carefully. Determine a side or natural parting. Section out the fringe and gather a horizontal section of hair below the parting.

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    Divide the section into two pieces. 

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    Begin your fishtail braid by pulling a ½-inch piece from the outside of the right section and cross it over into the left section. Repeat with a ½-inch piece from the left section, crossing it over to the right. Repeat this process through to the ends of the hair. 

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    Sprinkle NEVO Lived-In on hair lightly and blend it into the root with fingers. This will add texture and work as a primer on the hair prior to styling.

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    Now that the fishtail is complete, begin back-combing horizontal sections in the fringe and working back across the top of the head, into the crown for volume throughout the rest of the hair.

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    Pull the back-combed sections back and twist the sides into the nape, pulling all of the hair back into a ponytail, leaving the fishtail out. 

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    Secure the hair using an elastic band and two bobby pins. Secure one pin vertically into the top base of the pony. Wrap the elastic band around the ponytail until tight. Secure the remaining bobby by crossing it through the first.

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    Pull the ponytail through a hair donut, setting the donut firmly against the base of the pony.

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    Secure the donut into place with a hair pin.

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     Separate the ponytail into smaller sections, and lightly back comb those sections using a teasing brush.

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    Wrap the sections around the donut, while lightly smoothing them. Secure bun into place with bobby pins beneath the base of the donut.

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    Pull the fishtail braid back and wrap around the bun, securing into place; spraying and finishing the look. 

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