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December 1, 2017

Keratin Treatment For Blondes


Keratin Treatment For Blondes

With constant bleaching, toning and heat styling, it’s no secret that blonde hair is sensitive. So when a blonde client comes in wanting a keratin treatment, finding the right service that is going to keep the integrity of the hair is super important. That’s why GKhair has come up with a service that is exclusive to blondes, and we have the quick video course so that you can become certified in this moneymaking, add-on treatment!


Miami Bombshell is a salon professional keratin treatment designed to strengthen the hair structure by filling in the cuticles with Juvexin®, a keratin anti-aging protein blend that is optimized to restore hair from the inside out. The formula also contains a blue base which helps neutralize unwanted brassy tones, and it leaves blonde hair smooth, silky and frizz-free.


Below, we have a step-by-step look for how the treatment works, and, if you’re interested in getting certified, you can head to BTCUniversity to watch and complete a quick video training session!


Artist: Juanel Pacheco; Yansi Vega
Photographer: Alexa Rodríguez
Makeup Artist: Giovanni Adorno
Manufacturer: GKhair, @gkhair

Products Used


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    Before the treatment, prep the hair by washing with GKhair pH+ Shampoo.

  • 4

    After rinsing, towel-dry and section the hair into four sections.

  • 5

    Side view of the sections.

  • 6

    Working in small sections, apply the Miami Bombshell Treatment from the roots to the ends, removing the excess product with a fine-tooth comb. Once one quadrant is completed, move to the next and continue applying in small sections until the entire head is treated. 

  • 7

    Place a plastic cap over your client’s hair, then process and dry for 30 minutes under heat. 

  • 8

    Rinse the treatment, then towel-dry the hair. 

  • 9

    Once the hair is towel-dried, blow-dry the hair smooth until it is 100 percent dry. 

  • 10

    Then, flat iron the hair to seal the cuticle and lock the treatment in. Remember to adjust the heat according to the hair type.

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    Finished shot. 

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