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March 8, 2016

How-To: Undone Blonde


How-To: Undone Blonde

Spring might be just around the corner, but you know your blonde clients—they’re always one season ahead, and they’re looking for a bolder, brighter blonde right now! Refresh their strands for the summer using ProRituals 30 Foil Directional Color Placement Technique to give them a beautiful, “undone blonde” look. Here’s how.

who did it
: Terrence Michael Renk
Makeup: Megan McCormick
Photography: Terrence Michael Renk
Model: Brittany


  • 1

    Six sections are used for the entire head to create dimensional highlights.

  • 2

    Foil placement within the section determines color dimension.

  • 3

    To make a section, create a square that is even in its measurements. (Use a tail comb with approximately 3.5-inch teeth.)

  • 4

    When highlighting around the hairline, be certain to incorporate part of the hairline into your weave.

  • 5

    Red: blended result. Directs hair inward toward the crown.

    Blue: more dimensional result. Directs hair outward toward the hairline.

  • 6

    Section the hair into six sections.

  • 7

    Using side fold wax paper, apply ProRituals Professional Bluelight Lightening Powder + 20-volume developer and ProRituals Hair and Scalp Therapy, weaving hair from under and blending into the root area.

  • 8

    Sections are placed at angles for perfect distribution of color.

  • 9

    Repeat sections following the top angle of each section as your guide.

  • 10

    Tone using 10SC/10.11 + 5-volume developer. 1 oz. ProRituals Spray Treat Conditioner was also added to the formula.

  • 11

    After following “The Color Ritual,” add a nickel-size amount of ProRituals Oil–In-Reviving Cream to the hair and begin to dry using a large round brush and pin set.

  • 12

    After set, transfer hair onto Hot Rollers to increase the set’s longevity. Let cool, place a small amount of ProRituals Hair Oil Treatment on hands while removing rollers to tame ends and lightly brush the set to desired movement.

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