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Last updated: February 12, 2018

How-To: Sophisticated Sleek

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Modern, healthy, luminous—all things you want your client’s hair to encompass on any given day, but on her wedding day? OF COURSE. A glowing style for her walk down the aisle isn’t something you’d leave to chance, it’s a total must-have. 

Which is why Felix Fischer for Pai-Shau went this route for the Ines Di Santo Couture Bridal Collection Show for Spring/Summer 2017 at NYBFW. While his looks are less traditional than the constructed bridal styles clients are so used to seeing, he felt that looser flowing locks encompass a freedom and elegance any bride will love. So when your favorite client gets ready for her big day, you know this style won’t disappoint. “The looks are youthful and modern but with a refined softness, and a luxurious texture so fluid that strands flow as effortlessly as silk,” Fischer said. Here’s how he did it!


Artist: Felix Fischer
Manufacturer: Pai-Shau

Products Used


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    Mist the hair with Pai-Shau Royal Abundance Mousse until damp, then comb through from the midlengths to the ends.

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    Next, apply Pai-Shau Biphasic Infusion (3-5 pumps) and massage into the hair from the midlengths to the ends. Then twist strands and massage Biphasic Infusion into ends with both hands to penetrate deeply and repair. This will instantly smooth the cuticle, dry or split ends, adding shine.

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    Create a part mid-crown from ear to ear, then blow-dry small, 1-inch sections forward and down (with a medium round brush) to build in subtle volume. Then, smooth the hair and the root.

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    Next, blow-dry the remaining back section down from the crown, working in 1-inch sections using a medium-sized round brush. Fisher notes, “There was a lot of heat and pulling to get the right texture, but with these two Pai-Shau products, I had no fear of burning or damaging the hair. They actually hydrated and enhanced its condition.”

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    Spray Pai-Shau Imperial Hold Hairspray over the top/forward and bottom/back sections of the hair.

  • 6

    Use a flat iron to further sleek and straighten the top/forward and bottom/back sections of the hair from root to ends.

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    Comb the front section back and blend it with rest of hair. Lightly tap Pai-Shau Style Soufflé on top of the hair and massage in, to give a boost of smoothness without heaviness or weight, and to control any remaining flyaways.

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     Finish with a light spray of Pai-Shau Sublime Hold Hairspray for soft, moveable hold.

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