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Last updated: January 23, 2020

How-To: Better Your Blowouts

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Your clients expect their blowouts to be on point. And after you’ve given them a great color and a fresh chop, it only makes sense that their style should be full of volume and life. With the new DURA CHI Handshot Dryer by Farouk Systems, perfecting your blowout becomes easier than ever. With a non-slip, soft-touch grip and handle-free design, their latest tool allows for an unlimited range of styling positions. Check out their how-to below for tips on bettering your blowouts. 

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  • 1

    Begin sectioning the hair into three sections.

  • 2

    Spray with CHI Volume Booster and comb product through hair. Create a 2-inch subsection toward the lower half of the hair.

  • 3

    Begin blow-drying the section with a large round brush and continue the technique on the remaining sections.


    Pro Tip: Use the DURA CHI’s touch-sensitive control panel to adjust the temperature and speed settings and press the power button once to lock in these settings.