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Last updated: May 31, 2017

How-To: Ambient Color Fusion

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How-To: Ambient Color Fusion

Model Sami’s Ambient Light Color Effect creates a seamless disruption between her deep, neutral-pearl canvas and her vibrant accents. The expanded composition of luminous yellow, vibrant pink and a touch of green, fused into a fiery orange-red, creates an innovative dimmed light effect with a soft mood. Here’s how to achieve Sami’s color, cut and style, from Goldwell’s newest collection, D!SRUPT.

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    Natural/Starting Level:
    : 7N
    Midlengths and ends: 10N (lightened)

    Formula A (lightener for regrowth to Level 10):

    SilkLift Gentle: 35 ml Conditioning Cream Developer 6% (20-volume) + 1 scoop High Performance Lightener without ammonia + 3 pumps of Intensive Conditioning Serum Concentrate

    Formula B (Deep Neutral Base):

    Pearl Elumen: 10 ml SV@10 + 50 ml SB@10

    Formulas C, D, E, F: (Disruptive Vibrant Accents):

    Green Elumen: 10 ml Tq@all + 4 ml YY@all + 10 ml AB@9
    Yellow Elumen: 20 ml NB@10 + 6 ml AB@9 + 4 ml YY@all
    Pink Elumen: 20 ml SV@10 + 4 ml Pk@all + 3 ml RV@all
    Orange-Red Elumen: 6 ml GK@all + 6 ml Pk@all + 10 ml KK@all

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    A classic, below-the-shoulder length cut with interior layering and a cut-out asymmetric fringe is a quintessential, modern style. The interior layers of Sami’s cut add velocity and allow the hair to move freely.

    how to:
    Deep point-cut the outline to give a soft edge. Create disruption with the Carving Technique by cutting a rounded cut-out fringe over one eye. The Ambient Light Color Effect diffuses into the hair, creating texture and movement within the cut.

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    Inspired by weightless volume, this style is created with an odd combination of multi-textures.

    Prepare the hair with StyleSign Hot Form. To create the raw, sexy shape, backcomb sections of hair and then set with large barrel tongs. Next, roughly brush out to reveal a new take on frizz. For the final look, apply StyleSign Sprayer and use your fingers to back-push sections of hair for added volume.