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Last updated: May 30, 2017

How-To: Age Blending Highlights

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How-To: Age Blending Highlights

Your more mature clients should actually be your favorite. Why? Because they are more active, energetic and influential than ever. They own and spend more, and are more service and quality conscious than any other demographic. Which is why as their stylist you need to personalize their salon services and offer them something special. It’s not just about covering gray/white hair, this clientele wants flattering looks that will suit them at the age they are. Now you can give them exactly what they want with the new Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES AGE BLEND haircolor, which offers them 10 softer, multi-tone shades for more natural-looking, flattering results. Create beautiful colors like this dimensional blonde with sun-kissed highlights. Try it on your next mature client with style!

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    Natural Level: 6, at new growth and midlengths and ends are previously colored Level 8 and 10 blonde highlights.
    Schwarzkopf Professional Color Formulas

    Formula A: IGORA RODYAL ABSOLUTES AGE BLEND 8-140 + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 9% (30-voume)
    Formula B: IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES AGE BLEND 9-560 + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 9% (30-volume)

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    This coloring technique will have a total of 4 quadrants highlighted and is a creative painting technique that gives a sun-kissed effect. Always work no further than 2 levels apart to ensure an overall balance of color.

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    Begin by starting above the ear, taking slightly diagonal sections in foils to the face frame, alternating Formulas A and B. Use the Schwarzkopf Professional Sponge Technique in a feather painting motion to ensure saturation. **Be sure to accent where you want like areas of lightness to compliment the face and haircut shape.

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    Continue working to the top of the head in the same manner.

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    Continue the same process on the opposite side.

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    Allow the color to process for 45 minutes.

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    Shampoo with BC BONACURE COLOR FREEZE Shampoo and Conditioner.

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