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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Highlighter Highlights from Pravana

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Highlighter Highlights from Pravana

Dark brown locks are infused with melted neon green, yellow and blue for a truly unique colorful highlighted effect. With help from Pravana NEONS, you can easily take a traditional highlight to the extreme.

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    Formula A: Pravana Pure Light Powder Lightener
    Formula B: 2 oz. Pravana NEONS Yellow
    Formula C: 2 oz. Pravana NEONS Green
    Formula D: 2 oz. Pravana NEONS Blue

    Part out a 2-inch headband section from ear to ear an inch behind the front hairline. Part out the hair below the occipital. Then create a 2-inch section from ear to ear below the occipital and an inch above the hairline. Clip the hair on top of the head out of the way.

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    Begin in the front by taking horizontal slices starting by the ear. Apply Formula A with your choice of developer to four back-to-back slices, creating a 1-inch rectangular section. Move an inch up and repeat this pattern. Continue up the head until you reach the top. Then repeat on the other side. You should have four blocks of foils on each side of the headband section. 

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    Next take four 1-inch horizontal slices an inch behind the ear creating a block section. Then drop an inch of hair out and create another block of four 1-inch slices alongside the first block. Repeat these slices on the other side. 

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    Process Formula A until you reach a Level 10. Shampoo and dry the hair completely. For this look, 2 oz. of Pravana NEONS Yellow, NEONS Green and NEONS Blue was used.

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    Section out the previously lightened pieces, clipping hair on top of the head out of the way.  Beginning in the back on either side, apply Formula B from roots to ends to the block just behind the ear. Then apply Formula C to the next two center blocks. Finish with Formula C to the last block behind the ear.

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    In the top headband section, apply Formulas B, C and D, from the lightest shade to the darkest shade from roots to ends, blending the colors where they meet. Repeat this application on the other side of the head. Process for 20 to 30 minutes at room temperature. Rinse with cool water, then shampoo lightly with Pravana VIVIDS Color Protect Shampoo, rinse until the water runs clear. Follow with Pravana VIVIDS Color Protect Conditioner and Pravana VIVIDS Color Protect Sealing Spray. Style as desired.

    *TIP: You may alternate the amount and choice of color placed in each section of the strand, adding a striking visual effect.

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