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July 5, 2015

Half-Up Knot Braid


Half-Up Knot Braid

Global Artistic Director for amika Naeemah LaFond knows a thing or two about creating big, beautiful texture and impressive braids, so she’ll be taking our COLOR, Cut & Style stage in Austin, Texas from Aug. 20-22 to teach you how-tos like this one! Although creating this look might seem like a challenge, Naeemah had no reason to worry! She knows amika’s tried and tested roster of styling products, heat tools and innovations in cleansing give her the ability and versatility to create any style her clients may want. Here’s how she created this half-up knot braid! 

Manufacturer: amika, @amikapro

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  • 1

    Begin the look by sectioning off hair in a V-shape at the crown of the head.

  • 2

    Using a 19mm barrel curler attachment of the amika 5P Interchangeable Barrel Curler Set, curl the hair in rows—alternating in direction.

  • 3

    Spray the hair with amika Touchable Hairspray to set.

  • 4

    With the hair sectioned off at the top of the crown, create a knot braid with the following steps. Starting at the hairline, take one section (approximately 0.5″) of hair from each side and tie the two sections of hair into a single knot.

  • 5

    Add hair to each strand, and continue to knot the hair with the addition of hair to the sections.

  • 6

    Repeat this process as you travel down the length of the hair.

  • 7

    When there is no hair left to add, continue knotting the hair until you reach the very end and secure with a small clear rubber band. Spray amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo onto the braid for a matte finish.  

  • 8

    Next, use your thumbs to spread the braid and add texture.

  • 9

    Fold the end of the braid into the knot at the base and secure with bobby pins.

  • 10

    After the knot braid is complete, brush through the lengths of the curled hair with a paddle brush to loosen the curls.

  • 11

    Spray the lengths of the hair with amika Un.Done Texture Spray for added texture and finish the look with amika Headstrong Hairspray for hold.

  • 12

    The finished look!

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