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Last updated: November 11, 2017

From Grown Out To Desert Rose

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A perfect rose gold color can be hard to achieve, but not for stylist and salon owner Roy Ren. His client came in requesting a cool, on-trend dusted rose shade and that’s exactly what she got! With just one color application, a quick tone and a cool cut, this look earned more than 10,000 likes on our Instagram. Here’s how @unfade_royren, owner of Unfade Hair Studio in New York made it all happen.


Total Pricing: $270

($90 for haircut and $180 for single process color + root flash toner)


Products Used


  • close formula


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    Cut the hair first to trim off the dead ends and to reshape the hair.

  • 3

    Apply Formula A all over but leave the roots out. Then let process for 30 minutes.

  • 4
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    At the bowl, flash tone using Formula B to fill any lines of demarcation. (A flash tone is usually less than 30 seconds.)

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    Finished Look

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