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Last updated: November 25, 2009

Golden Tresses and Braided Elegance from Matrix

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Golden Tresses and Braided Elegance from Matrix

We have combined the color how-to of Golden Tresses and the styling step-by-step of Braided Elegance from Matrix Artistic Designers Brian and Sandra Smith to give your client a touch of natural elegance this holiday season. To see more from Matrix, check out the Golden Elegance Collection and the Luxe Layers How-To.


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    Start in the back crown, take a horizontal section and cut to establish a traveling guide. Using a shallow point cutting technique, continue blending sections by pivoting around the head. At the top, create a vertical stationary guideline down the center, over-direct the hair to the guide, and cut.

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    Natural LeveL 6 – Light Brown
    2 scoops V-Light De-Dusted Lightener
    2 oz. 10 Volume SOLITE Cream Developer
    2 oz. Color Sync 7WN
    2 oz. Color Sync Activator

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    Create soft diamond shape on top of head from front hairline extending to crown, as shown. Divide shape into three triangular sub-sections. Clip to separate.

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    Star ting at back-right edge, outside of diamond, create a 1/4” sub-section and weave 1/8” foil. Apply Formula A within 1/8” of foil lip through to ends. Repeat weaving and application in second foil. Fold into neat C.R.A.F.T. style packets.

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    Continue weaving two foils per outside edge of diamond shape and apply Formula A in same manner.

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    Release back triangle. Weave narrow subsection behind and parallel to parting, place foil, and apply Formula A. Fold into C.R.A.F.T. style packet.

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    Release center triangle. Weave narrow sub-section behind and parallel to top parting, as shown, place foil and apply Formula A. Process to Gold.

    Rinse, cleanse with Biolage colorcarethérapie Color Care Shampoo. Dry to 80%.

    Apply Formula B to all hair. Process accordingly. Rinse, cleanse with Biolage colorcarethérapie Color Care Shampoo and treat with Biolage colorcarethérapie Color Care Conditioner.

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    Hana’s style, Golden Tresses, was created by Matrix Artistic Designers, Brian and Sandra Smith, using Biolage Gelée and Biolage Freeze Fix Hair Spray. Hana’s style, Braided Elegance, was created by Brian Smith using Biolage Volumizing Whipped Mousse and Biolage Freeze Fix Hair Spray. Her shimmering, golden blonde tones were created by Matrix Artistic Designer, Sandra Smith, using Color Sync Honey Luxe Collection.

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    Distribute Biolage Gelée to damp hair. Starting at the back, create irregular zig-zig partings around the head. Tightly twist each section toward face, wind, secure into knot.

    Reinforce with heat under hood dryer until thoroughly dry.

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    When cool, gently release. Using fingers, separate hair into loosely controlled waves and tendrils. Spray with Biolage Freeze Fix Hair Spray for lasting hold and soft, romantic shape.

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    Distribute Biolage Volumizing Whipped Mousse to damp hair and spread evenly throughout. Dry hair with cushion brush.

    When dry, create V-shaped section at top, with narrowest point at front hairline extending back to crown. Leaving sides loose, place hot rollers in bricklay pattern throughout V-shape. Gather hair at occipital into ponytail.

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    Once cool, remove rollers and clip in place,separate top section for control.

    At right side, take 2”-3” section, divide into two strands. Create knotted braid effect by tying strands, then adding strand from underneath and knotting again. Continue throughout length of section, and repeat on other side.

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    Wrap braids around base of ponytail, spray with Biolage Freeze Fix Hair Spray, reinforce with heat, and pin in place.

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    Release top. Using styling brush, lightly brush for smoothness, soft volume and hold. Wrap midlengths around base of ponytail. Heat, pin to secure, leaving ends out for casual elegance.

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    Create a two-strand rope braid by crossing and twisting left strand over right, counterclockwise down length of ponytail.

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    Secure at ends. Spray with Biolage Freeze Fix Hair Spray, and gently loosen from bottom upwards.

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    Holding ends of braid, create a loose chignon knot by looping rope braid around base of ponytail, and pin in place. Finish with Biolage Freeze Fix Hair Spray for lasting shape and control.