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Last updated: May 24, 2017

Golden Ribbons from Aveda

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Golden Ribbons from Aveda

This romantic look from Aveda’s Art of Nature collection mimics the sensibility
sweeping fashion, art and culture this season. “Ribbons of golden color mirror the shadow play of the sun,” says Aveda Artistic Director of Hair Color Ian Michael Black. “It’s ideal for dark-haired guests who want to go lighter but still look natural.” The cutting options—both of which remove bulk while preserving the hair’s natural curl pattern—offer the freedom to choose a cut that best suits each client’s style.

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    Twist and Bounce: Choose an area to remove weight and
    take a dry, 1½-inch subsection, twisting the hair into a rope with
    moderate tension. Bounce the apex of the scissors down the top of
    the subsection at regular intervals as illustrated. Repeat on handselected
    subsections around the head until the desired shape and curl
    consistency are achieved.

    Rock the Curls: Divide the hair into 4- or 5-inch horizontal
    panels as illustrated. Lift vertical subsections, stretch the curls toward
    you and place the apex of the scissors on the strand at the point where
    you want to begin removing weight. Close the scissors slightly and rock
    your hands and the hair from side to side while simultaneously sliding
    the scissors down the hair as illustrated. Repeat in all panels until the
    desired shape is achieved.

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    Gently lift the base color to a soft brown using Formula A. Using two wavy partings, divide the hair into three horseshoe sections as illustrated.

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    Divide the middle section into five subsections using vertical, wavy partings as illustrated.

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    Take five slices within each subsection and backcomb each slice to the root.

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    Using a tipping technique, apply Formula B in a pyramid formation as illustrated, and wrap each slice with foil (all sections and foil placements are vertical). Repeat this slicing technique in all five subsections. No color is applied to the top and bottom horseshoe sections. Process, rinse, shampoo and blow-dry, then apply Formula C from new growth to ends. Process, rinse, shampoo and condition.

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    To style, prep with Aveda brilliant damage control. Apply Aveda brilliant universal styling creme to wet hair and, using a flat-wrap technique with a comb attachment, blow-dry the hair straight. Section the hair into three traditional panels. Starting in the bottom panel, take 1- to 1½-inch horizontal subsections in a brick pattern and wind around a curling iron using an off-base spiral wave technique. Keeping the hair flat on the iron like a ribbon, alternate curling two rows left and two rows right. Repeat in the middle and top panels. When cooled, brush out the curls. Create a deep side parting on the left, taking a large, 3-inch section at the hairline. Divide into three subsections and create a loose, invisible French braid. Tuck the end of the braid under the curls and pin to secure. Loosen the braid at the hairline with your fingers for a soft, romantic look. Separate curls at the base with your fingers to thicken the cascade of curls. Define individual curls as needed with Aveda brilliant emollient finishing gloss then finish with Aveda brilliant medium hold hair spray.

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