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January 11, 2012

Geometric Cut and Creative Color from Tracey Hughes


Geometric Cut and Creative Color from Tracey Hughes

Asymmetrical design, stunning blonde color and an eye-popping fringe—what’s not to love about this look from Director of Mieka Hairdressing Tracey Hughes?! She blends an asymmetrical cut with a stunning and wearable pastel blonde, then adds a distinctive fringe and heavy disconnection through the top layers, which sit perfectly over the underneath graduation. The kicker? The addition of strawberry pink and subtle pale grey panels of color. Let Tracey walk you through this cut, step-by-step!

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    Section a triangle at the front top section of the head. Create another triangle at the top of the crown area. Finally, create a square section underneath the front triangle on one side of the head only.

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    Begin at the sides and take a diagonal back parting and elevate to 90 degrees from the horizontal line. Finger position is parallel to the parting and finger angle is 90 degrees to follow the curve of the head shape.

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    Using scissor over comb, create a clean, tight hairline through to the center back. Taper in the nape and around the ears, blending to create graduation.

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    Continue with the same cutting method using small clean sections and consistent tension until the section is complete.

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    Release the triangle section on the crown, which is now disconnected from the previously-cut section underneath. Take vertical partings and elevate 45 degrees above the horizontal line. Cut the hair wtih your finger angle at 90 degrees.

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    Use the same cutting method for the square section on the one side of the head.

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    Release the front triangle section, and using a Denman brush, blow dry the hair into the natural fall position. Once dry, cut the fringe into three distinctive points using the tips of your scissors. Finish off using a point cutting technique to remove unwanted weight, soften the haircut and create movement.

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    With the addition of strawberry pink and subtle grey color, this look is perfectly suited for a modern client.