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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Flash Color Technique

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Flash Color Technique

Spring is the time when clients start lightening up their locks, and this blonde color melt is the perfect shade for warm, sultry summer days. Complementing the shades, shapes and silhouettes of the season, the Eufora Artistic Team created a fresh new color using their Flash Color Technique, which delivers flashes of color and light via monochromatic color placement achieved through hair-painting with multiple tones from the EuforaColor Natural Ash family. The result? A stunning balance of soft, feminine lines and cool blonde tones; think romance with a hint of attitude.

See how Eufora’s Flash Color Technique is done–WATCH THE VIDEO!

Who did it
EuforaColor Trainers
haircolor: Peter Brokt 
cut: Connie Kecskes
style: Mirza Batanovic
photography: Nikola Milosavljevic
makeup: Brittany Anderson 

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Products Used


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    Starting Level: Natural Level 8
    Eufora Color Formulas
    Formula A:
    AloeLite Blue Bleaching Pods +20-volume EuforaColor Universal Cream Developer (Mixing Ratio 1:1)
    Formula B: Mix equal parts of No Ammonia 10.12/10AV + Clear Shine Dilute + 7-volume EuforaColor Universal Cream Developer (Mixing Ratio 1:2)

    Section out the crown area 1½-inch to 2 inches from the front hairline along the natural part. Then, create four quadrants with the remaining hair: center back to the top of the ear (both sides), top of the ear to natural part (both sides).

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    In the back left section, create three diagonal subsections. Starting with the bottom section, create a “W” pattern with Formula A and lightly sweep upward against the cuticle with a blending brush or clean tint brush to feather out the edges. Using a balayage board, apply Formula A to the entire section, saturating through on the ends only. Cover each section with cellophane and work up and throughout the back right side.

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    If the natural part does not fall in the middle, start with the lighter side.  Create a 1-inch wide triangle parting on a diagonal above the ear. Using Formula A, create the “W” pattern with the flashing technique and work throughout both front sections.  Bring the “W” pattern closer to the hairline in front for desired lightness. 

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    Unclip the top section. In the occipital area, carve out a large 1½-inch subsection and continue with the same flashing technique. Then, create zig-zag partings every 1½ inches up. Utilize the peaks and valleys of this section for product placement and reduce triangle sections as you work up for softness. Cover each section with cellophane. 

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    Process to desired lightness; then rinse and shampoo.

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    Apply Formula B from the root area to approximately 2 inches away from the scalp all throughout the hair. Then, apply Formula B through to the ends. Process for 20 minutes; rinse, shampoo and condition with Eufora Beautifying Elixirs.

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