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Last updated: August 04, 2011

Eva Longoria and Other Celeb-Inspired Color Formulas from Wella

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Eva Longoria and Other Celeb-Inspired Color Formulas from Wella

With an extensive collection of shades and a strong history as a reliable haircolor brand, Wella Color Charm has a lot to brag about. And, better still, you can use it to recreate some of Hollywood’s most popular haircolors. Below, you’ll find some suggestions to achieve color like that of Eva Longoria, Selena Gomez, JoAnna Garcia Swisher and Cameron Diaz.

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    This collection brings rich, vibrant and opaque results like that of Eva Longoria, which delivers natural warm brunette haircolor results ranging from Level 3 through Level 8.

    SHADES: Light Natural Warm Blonde (8NW), Medium Natural Warm Blonde (7NW), Dark Natural Warm Blonde (6NW), Light Natural Warm Brown (5NW), Medium Natural Warm Brown (4NW) and Dark Natural Warm Brown (3NW)

    Ricardo Rojas, celebrity colorist and ambassador for Wella Color Charm, predicts “brown hair will be a little lighter, more hazlenut color with sandy highlights. The overall color looks lighter but is still warm.”

    COLOR TIP: The way brown haircolor affects the hair can depend on several factors, one of them being tone. If it is a warm brunette, it can sparkle and reflect light more easily.

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    For a shade like Selena Gomez’s, this collection includes five shades that are all the rage with brunettes at the fashion forefront. The colors are divided among three separate tonal families—warm, for buttery brunette tones, warm red appealing tones for natural brunettes and and warm violet.

    WARM SHADES: Caramel (7W) and Praline (6W)
    WARM RED SHADES: Allspice (5WR)
    WARM VIOLET SHADES: Nutmeg (7WV) and Cinnamon (5WV)

    COLOR TIP: These dark tones can make hair can look very shiny and healthy because when you dye hair darker, you only deposit color – you don’t lift any – so there is less chance to damage the hair.


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    This collection presents a very wearable group of four shades that broadens the palette of red tones and exudes warmth while remaining complementary to the eyes and skin tones of many, like that of JoAnna Garcia Swisher’s hue.

    SHADES: Red Terra Cotta (6R), Light Copper (6RG), Canyon Copper (6GR), Copper Sun (8GR)

    COLOR TIP: One of the challenges with reds is keeping them vibrant, but with Wella Color Charm permanent color, even traditionally fast-fading reds last 15% longer.

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    For perfect beach blonde hair like Cuban-American Cameron Diaz, this collection expands the palette choices for stylists. This six-shade collection consists of both high-lift and natural level blonde shades.

    HIGH-LIFT SHADES: Malibu Blonde Plus (12W), Ivory Blonde Plus (12P), Surf Side Blonde Plus (12NG)
    NATURAL SHADES: Sand Blonde (9NG), Light Beige Blonde (8NG), Medium Beige Blonde (7NG)

    COLOR TIP: With blondes it’s important to be gentle on hair because most often you need to lighten it to get it to the desired level and tone. It’s also important to seal the cuticle so that light can bounce off and reflet because typically it’s harder for blondes to achieve great shine.