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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Edgy Braided Chignon-Ponytail by Schwarzkopf Professional

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Edgy Braided Chignon-Ponytail by Schwarzkopf Professional

Schwarzkopf Professional sponsored Canadian designer Lucian Matis’s runway collection and lead the hairstyling team backstage at Fall/Winter Fashion Week. Lead hairstylist Paul Pereira of Solo Bace Salon explained the edgy look the team created: “We took the classic chignon that is very trendy this season and added some edginess to it with braiding for texture.”


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    Start by creating a center part at the front of the head. Once you reach the crown, section the hair into a triangle formation all along the back.

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    Apply OSiS AquaSlide to the triangle sectioned hair to add shine and sleekness and begin making the first braid, then the second and finally the third. 

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    Apply OSiS Dust It to the front section of the hair to give it some volume and lift. A slicked-down center part can be very severe and not wearable by most.

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    Apply OSiS Elastic to the mid to ends of the hair and brush out so that hair is workable to create a loose ponytail or chignon. 

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    Wrap side sections the base of the braids at the nape into a chignon shape. Either leave the hair in the ponytail out, or wrap all the hair into the chignon.

    “There can be several variations to this hairstyle to take it from the runway to everyday,” says Paul. “You can simply crimp the triangle section at the back or curl it to give it the distinct texture we’re aiming for. You can simply make one braid instead of three or move the braid to the side of the head instead of the back. What’s important is to have this hairstyle stand out from the average chignon or low ponytail.”

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    Finish the style with OSiS Session Spray to keep everything in place.

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    Finished look.