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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Dramatic Ombré from Keratin Complex

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Dramatic Ombré from Keratin Complex

Everyone loves a little drama, especially when it comes to haircolor. This ice meets charcoal color concept from Keratin Complex provides just the right amount of dramatic indulgence.

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    Existing Level: Pre-lighten to Level 10
    Target Level: 10
    Keratin Complex Color Therapy Formulas
    Formula A:
    30ml It’s a Blonde Thing™ Keratin Lightening System® powder + 60ml 20-volume It’s a Blonde Thing Developer
    Formula B: 30ml 10.1/10A KeraHold™ + 45ml 10-volume KeraHold Developer
    Formula C: 30ml 1.0/1N KeraHold + 30ml 20-volume KeraHold Developer

    Pre-lighten hair with Formula A to a Level 10; monitor development. Shampoo, condition and dry hair. Establish background color by applying Formula B from scalp to midlength. Create a horizontal rectangle on front perimeter, 1 inch above hairline, from center of eye to center of eye. Create a diagonal line across the rectangle, establishing two triangles. Apply Formula C to the triangular section, where the smallest corner of the triangle is pointing to the off-center parting line. Utilize an ombre technique, tilting the brush in varying degrees for diffusion. Marry Formula C with Formula B. Take sections horizontally and place painted hair in foils to isolate.

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    Working from above the ear to below the occipital bone, create a curved line from ear to ear. From this curved line, create triangles pointing downward, about 1 inch wide and 1.5 inches apart. Apply Formula C to triangular sections in an ombre technique by tilting the brush in varying degrees for diffusion. Marry Formula C with Formula B.

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    Create the same shaped section approximately 2 inches above the previous section, at the parietal ridge of the head. Repeat. Apply background color, Formula B, to the midlength of remaining hair. Process hair to background color completion.

    To maintain vibrant, long-lasting color that stays true to tone, use Keratin Complex® Keratin Color Care, Blondeshell® or Timeless Color Shampoo and Conditioner.

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