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Last updated: October 28, 2008

Dissecting Dita Von Teese’s Tresses

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Dissecting Dita Von Teese’s Tresses

Celebrity Stylist Sean James assisted the pin-up perfect Dita Von Teese during Paris Fashion Week when it came to perfecting her trademark look.  Dita is very particular when it comes to her hair, preferring her hair to act as a curtain around her face.  Sean James used his trusty product, tools and hairXpression by Balmain clip-in hair to give tresses that extra oomph required for Dita’s dramatic “curtain call.”


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    Step 1:  Smooth hair from wet to dry.  Use a smidge of Rusk thickr™ volumizer for a touch of added volume.  In order to not stretch all the elasticity out of the hair, Sean James used his Rusk Styling Vent Brush.

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    Step 3:  Create a side part and divide hair into several sections for curling. Sean James used his 1” barrel Conair curling iron.  Make sure the heat is evenly transferred through all of the sections while curling.  After setting the sections, apply hair pieces from the hairXpression by Balmain collection and curl in the same manner.  Allow hair to cool.


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    Use a medium & round brush to set and form the hair creating a “curtain.”