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Last updated: November 20, 2014

Dimensional Glossing from Wella Professionals

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Dimensional Glossing from Wella Professionals

Give your client’s holiday color a little extra luster! With Wella Professionals new luminous, high shine gloss, you can deliver the right amount of shine and tone to give locks more depth. Here, Wella Profesisonals Guest Artist, Claudio Lazo, shares this how-to for delivering the perfect, color, cut and style for your client all season long. With this holiday treatment, your clients will be the shining star of the party!

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    Wella Professionals Color Formulas
    Formula A:
    Koleston Perfect 6/7 + 12% developer
    Formula B: Magma /39 + 9% developer

    Step 1: For a freehand shine band, section the hair into two equal parts on the top. The underneath hair is surface colored with Formula A.

    Step 2: The top area is released and conditioner is applied to the root area to act as a mask. The mid-band is colored with Formula A, Formula B and again with Formula A. Work these formulas around the hairline.

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    Step 1+2: Line below the shoulder with fringe. Use Wella Professional Enrich Moisturizing Leave-In Balm or Wella Professionals Oil Reflections to support the haircut. Define the end length and cut the line below the shoulder. Then softly point-cut the fringe.

    Step 3+4: Establish the side area. To get more softness and a lightweight feeling, cut the side with a razor in the outer hairline. Cut the layer on the top in a soft point-cut–for more texture, use the razor again.

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    Using a radial brush, start with the fringe section, the continue from the back. Roll the brush down to the roots so it overlaps the base of the section to create a large curl. When the curl in each section is achieved, create barrel curls and secure with clips.

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    Don’t forget to let you set sit! Let the curls cool down for 10 minutes, then create a modern movement with nice shine. Polish from the roots to midlengths with the Style and Thermal Image to relax the curls.

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    Finally, use a brush or your finger and define the hair with Wella Professionals Stay Essential Finishing Spray to get a perfect shape and hold.

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