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May 18, 2018

Dimensional Blonde With Extensions


Dimensional Blonde With Extensions

A good extension application can correct color, plus add volume, length and dimension to your client’s strands. But, for the BEST end results possible, an extension application should always consider how your client styles her hair on a daily basis in order to avoid discomfort or extension visibility. 


In the step-by-step below, hairtalk® Extensions Artistic Director Vicki Casciola does all of the above—creating a longer, dimensional blonde, plus she styles the hair three different ways (showing a braid, an updo and waves!) all while keeping every extension hidden. Check it all out below.


But first, read these two extension tips!

  • Customize The Sides: Leave enough space (about the size of two fingers) when applying along the hairline. Also, try using a combination of smaller extension options—like the hairtalk® petite and mini strands—so they are hidden when styling updos or braids. 
  • Create Dimension: Pair different extension colors together. For example, use a platinum blonde on the bottom with a colormelt extension on top. 


Products Used



  • 1

    To start, use hairtalk® Originals color 613 with 6/60A Colormelts.

  • 2

    Begin the first row at the nape and apply two rows of 613 with 6/60A on top (moving up the head).

  • 3

    Continue working up the head, being sure to use clean sections so that there are no baby hairs in the way.

  • 4

    For the third and fourth row, combine color 613 with color 8. Diffuse number 8 with texturizing shears—this makes the lowlight effect a little less bold.

  • 5

    Step 4 continued. Do not cut the adhesive and diffuse through the end. 

  • 6

    Continue moving up the head.

  • 7

    After applying four rows, move to the side of the head. (The back should look like this.)

  • 8

    For row five, begin on the sides of the head and apply two extensions above each ear using Petites Colormelts 6/60A with Rooted Petite Plus 613/6R. 

  • 9

    Fill in the remainder of the row (in the back of the head) with Originals color 613 and 6/60A Colormelts on top.

  • 10

    Complete the look by pairing the Mini 60A with the Mini Plus 25/4R toward the front of the head.

  • 11

    Step 10 continued.


    Note: Using the Mini strands here will blend better with the shorter pieces by the face. Also, be sure to apply the extensions about two finger-spaces away from the face to keep extensions hidden. 

  • 12

    Finished look. 

  • 13

    Finished braided style.

  • 14

    Finished upstyle. 

  • 15

    Finished wavy style. 

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