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April 28, 2013

Deep Chestnut Brunette from Wella Professionals


Deep Chestnut Brunette from Wella Professionals

The question,“is that your natural haircolor?” will be music to your client’s ears after you hook them up with this fabulous shade from Wella Professionals! Illumina Color makes hair look closer to a virgin hue—just like they were born with it!

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  • 1

    Wella Illumina Color
    Formula A:
    5/35 + 6% (20-volume)
    Formula B: 7/35 + 9%
    Formula C: 5/35 + 9% (30-volume)

  • 2

    Cleanse hair with Wella Professionals Care Brilliance Shampoo and Brilliance Conditioner. Prep with Brilliance Color Protection Serum, then divide the hair into five lunar panels as shown.

  • 3

    Starting at the nape, take a diagonal slice from the first panel and apply formula A.

  • 4

    Drop the slice then repeat throughout the lunar panel, alternating formulas A, A, B and then switch to alternating A, B, B until the panel is complete.

  • 5

    Repeat for the remaining lunar panels.

  • 6

    Finally, apply formula A to the root area and formula C throughout the midlengths and ends of the rest of the hair.


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    Style with Wella Professionals Velvet Amplifier, Stay Brilliant and Mirror Polish.

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