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Last updated: June 22, 2017

Create Mixed Modern Waves with Matrix Opti.Effects

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Create Mixed Modern Waves with Matrix Opti.Effects

Whether your client wants just a hint of wave or a full on curl, Matrix Opti.Effects allows you to easily craft the perfect look. This technique features the wave customizer, an interim treatment, that creates a mix of different waves that are beautifully defined, bouncy and full of body.

Who did it
 Matrix Artist Robert Santana



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    Preparation: Gently cleanse hair with Total ResultsTM Pro Solutionist Alternate Action® Clarifying Shampoo. Towel dry. Comb hair avoiding scalp. Treat with Total Results Pro Solutionist Instacure Leave-In Treatment.

    Sectioning: Create a triangle-shaped section from high-point on head to front hairline. Secure this section only with an elastic band. Next, create a zigzag parting from back of triangle to nape of neck. Separate top from bottom across the occipital. Then clip and secure all 4 sections.

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    Section as shown.

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    Wrap ponytail section with 2-3 one inch rods, staying 1 inch away from elastic band. Place stabilizers for control. Starting in front, vertically wrap the sections in parietal region towards the face, the bottom two sections in nape region away from the face. Protect client’s skin with a cotton strip around the hairline and snip the elastic band.

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    Empty the contents of the activator tube (Part 1) into waving lotion (Part 2) by slowly pouring the activator in waving lotion.* Replace applicator cap and gently swirl, DO NOT SHAKE. Unscrew cap to open to release any gas that may have formed from mixing. Screw cap back on and then, snip applicator tip. Start application at crown, apply mixture to the top and underside of each rod. Then repeat saturation to middle of each rod.

    *If you squeeze activator (part 1) too fast into waving lotion (part 2) foaming will occur.

    Replace wet cotton strip and neck towels with dry ones. Place plastic cap over all rods. Start timing and process at room temperature for 5-25 minutes according to chart.

    Hair Type/Process Time
    Sensitized/High-Lift Color Up to 15 minutes
    Normal/Fine Up to 20 minutes
    Resistant Up to 25 minutes

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    When processing is complete, remove plastic cap and rinse with lukewarm water for a full 5 minutes. Blot each rod gently to remove excessive moisture.

    To achieve customized looser result apply one pass of Wave Customizer to rods in triangle section in fringe region, along the hairline including in the nape region. Process for 5 minutes. DO NOT RINSE OUT.

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    Apply neutralizer to all rods-top and underside. Repeat saturation to middle of each rod. Save a small portion of neutralizer to apply to ends of hair after rods have been removed. Time for full 5 minutes. Remove rods and re-saturate ends with remaining neutralizer. Work through for 1 minute. Do not stretch hair. Rinse with lukewarm water for 5 minutes.

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    Apply Total Results Curl Super Defrizzer Gel. Diffuse hair while scrunching the ends until the hair is at least 75% dry.