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May 26, 2017

Controlling Curl


Controlling Curl

How do you deliver long-lasting, voluminous curls? Combining techniques will give you the shape, volume, texture and density your client wants. Check it out in this how-to from SEVEN® haircare and NYC session stylist Damian Monzillo.


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    Section diagonally from the temple to an inch above the center nape. Spray BORATO® BOOST spray generously at the roots.

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    Using a natural-bristle round brush and strong tension, take ½-inch sections, overdirect and blow-dry the roots for maximum volume and lift. Keep the brush to a very limited movement, using it more like a roller. Use hot air until the roots are almost dry, then switch to cool air to finish drying and set the desired shape.

  • 3

    Blow-dry the roots in the crown section using a nine-row Denman to create softer volume.

  • 4

    Switch back to a round brush for the sections next to the face for more dramatic lift. Finish blow-drying the entire top portion of hair above the occipital and in front of the ears, leaving the rest of the hair for curling.

  • 5

    Return to your first section and spray CUBICA® WORKING spray from roots to ends, then gather with a medium-tooth comb. Using a 1-inch curling iron, curl hair under in a 6 pattern, drop the curl in your hand and secure with a clip. Continue around the rest of the head. This technique creates density.

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    View of the curl set.

  • 7

    Starting at the crown, change your curling technique to candlestick, wrapping 1-inch sections around the iron and continuing to spray WORKING before curling. This change in technique creates texture. Once all the curls are completed, spray CUBICA® CLASSIC hairspray to set.

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    Take down the first section of curls below the occipital. Lightly tease vertical sections with a wide-tooth comb to create shape and mass. Spray with CUBICA® WORKING spray and continue all the way around the head, teasing and manipulating the hair using a combo of your wide-tooth comb, tail comb and pick to create the desired silhouette. Finish with CUBICA® CLASSIC spray.

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    Finished look.

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