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October 31, 2012

Color Zoom ’13: Pale Blonde and Pastel How-To


Color Zoom ’13: Pale Blonde and Pastel How-To

Dip in! In this look from Goldwell Color Zoom’s 2013 Beautify collection, a pale blonde base is amplified with sweet accents of pale lilac and bubblegum pink for a finish that has a distinct urban-art feel. Ready to add an optimistic burst of color to your client’s look? Learn this complete how-to!


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    Existing Shade

    Re-growth: 7N
    Mid-lengths and ends: 8G


    A: SilkLift®: 35 ml Conditioning Cream Developer 6%
    (20 vol.) + 1 spoon of High Performance Lightener
    + 1 tube of SilkLift Intensive Serum
    B: Elumen®: 40 ml AB@9 + 2 ml Pk@all
    C: E lumen®: 40 ml AB@9 + 2 ml VV@all + 1 ml Bl@all
    D: Colorance®: 30 ml Lotion + 15 ml 10P
    NB: Adjust amounts as required.

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    1. Entire head: Apply formula A.

    2. Observe the processing time, then rinse. Shampoo and treat with Dualsenses® Color Care. Dry the hair, apply Elumen® Color Prepare. Re-dry the hair.



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    3. Zig zag lines: Apply formulas B – D – C – D in sequence, using the Blending method for formulas B and C only, without coloring the re-growth.

    4. Bands: Apply formulas B and C using the Shine Line method without coloring the re-growths.

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    5. Observe the processing time, then rinse. Shampoo with Elumen® Wash. Apply Elumen® Lock, rinse and apply Elumen® Treat. Towel dry the hair.

    6. Remaining hair: Apply formula D.

    7. Observe the processing time, then rinse and finish with Dualsenses® Color Lock Serum.

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    Photography: Stefan Ziehen
    Make Up: Loni Bauer
    Styling: Xenia Bous