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March 28, 2005

CHI® Quick Smooth Step-By-Step

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CHI® Quick Smooth Step-By-Step

CHI® Quick Smooth Relaxing System is ideal for all your clients with curly, kinky and frizzy hair that would like immediate control of curls and have the versatility to wear it straight or curly. This in salon service is ideal to increase your service revenues and retail sales.  Learn more about Quick Smooth!  For more information please log on to: www.farouk.com


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    Determine hair condition and type (porosity, texture and previous chemical services).

    Gently cleanse hair using CHI Infra Shampoo, rinse and blot dry with towel.

    Divide hair into 4 quadrants (follow natural parting/growth).

    Note: Spray small amount of CHI Silk Keratin Mist on multi porous parts of the hair and leave in.

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    Start the application from the back quadrants (most resistant/curliest area).

    Take 1/4 inch horizontal sections and comb the section.

    Wearing gloves, begin to apply on damp hair a generous amountof CHI Quick Smoothing Cream with your brush.

    Stay 1/8 inch away from scalp.

    Don’t apply against the natural growth pattern.

    Make sure to cover all the hair you wish to smooth with cream.

    After applying to several sections smoth gently with wide tooth comb taking care not to put too much tension on the hair (apply the front hairlines last).

    Continue to work in the same manner with remaining 3 quadrants until completed and then go to timing.

    Once the application is completed, do not comb the hair.

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    Always strand test prior.

    Hair Type                   Time in Minutes
                                     (@ room temp.)

    Resistant                     up to 15-35*
    Normal                        up to 20-20
    Tinted, Permed 
    or Multi-Porous             up to 5-10
    *Low heat may be used on exptremely resistant hair types.

    Check results every 5 minutes during processing.

    Always allow the hair to cool down prior to rinsing.




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    Always test in 3 different places (back, sides and front).

    Remember this is a smoothing service, not straightening.  What you are looking for is a relaxation to the natural curl pattern.

    Check the elasticity of the hair.

    Take a small strand of hair between your fingers and gently pull in an outward direction.  You should feel the hair return back like an elastic band.

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    Using a water spray bottle, remove product from strand and check the formation against the palm of your hand.

    Important! You are not looking for perfectly straight hair with this service.

    When desired smoothing has been achieved, hair is ready for rinsing.

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    Rinse hair with lukewarm water for a minimum of 5 minutes.

    Longer hair may require additional rinsing (10-15 minutes).

    Make sure all of the CHI Smoothing Cream has been thoroughly rinsed out of the hair and especially from nape area and hairlines.

    Towel dry the hair.

    Apply CHI Infra Treatment from roots to ends for 5 minutes remembering to be gentle with the hair at this point.

    Rinse and towel dry.

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    Gently divide head into same 4 quadrants.

    Begin by applying CHI Cream Neutralizer in the same manner as the smoothing solution.

    Using your brush, apply a generous amount of CHI Cream Neutralizer from roots to ends.

    Once each quadrant is completed, simply comb through gently with a wide tooth comb to ensure final smoothness.

    Repeat on remaining quadrants and time it for a full 5 minutes.

    Rinse and towel dry.

    Apply CHI Infra Treatment for 5 minutes; rinse.

    Apply CHI Silk Infusion.  Leave in and style as desired.

    Learn more about Quick Smooth!

    For more information please log on to: www.farouk.com