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Last updated: May 24, 2017

Champagne and Lilac from TIGI copyright©olour

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Champagne and Lilac from TIGI copyright©olour

This color from Richy Kandasamy for TIGI takes pastel in a modern new direction. With subtle tones of lilac and champagne, the finish is shiny, healthy-looking and completely unexpected. It’s a color that wears well in any season.

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    formula 1:
    45g TIGI copyright©olour creative 10/21 + 15g TIGI copyright©olour creative 9/02 + TIGI copyright©olour activator 8.5 vol/2.55% (mixing ratio 1:1.5)

    formula 2: 58g TIGI copyright©olour creative 9/02 + 2g TIGI copyright©olour mix master  /8+ TIGI copyright ©olour activator 8.5 vol/2.55% (mixing ratio 1:1.5)

    Natural new growth: Level 6
    Lengths and ends previously pre-lightened
    Porosity is higher toward the end
    Elasticity is good
    Note: The mid-lengths and ends have previously gone through a color correction cleansing technique to remove level and tone.

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    Sectioning: Comb the hair into natural fall and from high recession create a circle that runs though the top crown area, then runs in toward the ear creating an S-bend.

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    Begin application by applying Formula 1 to the outline of the S-bend shape.

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    Take a profile parting from top crown to center nape and apply Formula 1 to the first inch of the hair. Work in vertical sections from center profile to the ear and hairline on both sides until both sides are completed and hair is away from the face.

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    In the S-parting, take small sections and apply Formula 1 to the first inch and then apply Formula 2 in a wave formation from the first inch through to the points/ends.

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    In the remaining spaces and mid-lengths and ends place Formula 1 working from the nape to the crown area. Once complete isolate with a TIGI copyright©olour meche strips.

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    Process for a further 10-15 minutes.

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